Data Storage

Smart, connected products have three core elements: physical components, “smart” components, and connectivity components. Smart components amplify the capabilities and value of the physical components, while connectivity amplifies the capabilities and value of the smart components and enables some of them to exist outside the physical product itself.

Connectivity serves a dual purpose. First, it allows information to be exchanged between the product and its operating environment, its maker, its users, and other products and systems. Second, connectivity enables some functions of the product to exist outside the physical device, in what is known as the product cloud - Formshema.

Some connections that we support are defined below

  • Hardware - Raspberry Pi, Arduino
  • Big Data Analytics/Rules Engine - Microsoft Azure HDInsight(Hadoop)
  • Application platform - Build In platform for creating outstanding App for your IoT project
  • Database - MongoDB
  • External Information Sources - weather, traffic, geomapping, commodity and energy prices, social media
  • Integration with business systems - ERP, CRM, PLM