How to find right PINOUTS for your board


If you want to connect logic circuit and find out right pinouts. This Article is for you ;)

Lastly we've tried connect our BMP180 Barometric Pressure/Temperature/Altitude Sensor with Arduino Uno R3. BMP180 GY-68 has 4 pins : current, ground, SDL and SDA. To find out where to connect last two pins you need check PINOUTS of Arduino UNO Board. When you developing many board and connecting them with logic circuits it's helpfull to have reference document of PINOUTS.

We've found quite nice website - PIGHIXXX, where you can get PINOUTS of most popular boards. Click here below to get Arduino UNO PINOUTS board

So for this particular case we need SDA and SDL pins to be connected with Arduino board. From the document we see that pins A4 and A5 are responsible for exchanging data with BMP 180.

Check out this short video below of how you can connect your BPM 180