Hello World


Since the beginning, we have been in a dire need of something that can connect software to hardware or vice versa, let’s get a look in the past and see how it all started!

Zuse, mostly known as the inventor of computers introduced this world with the light of computers. Z3 was the first computer that worked and programmed. Though its original was destroyed in the World War 2 but luckily they were able to make the replica and thus we were enlightened by this blessing. Following these footsteps, computer engineers started relying on the vacuum tubes thus resulting in the generations of computers. First generation computers had vacuum tubes and capacitors; second generation computers had transistors; third generation computers and beyond used the integrated circuits and chips.

March 1st, 1981. World gets enlighten by the first home computer presented by IBM. That was something more than a revolution. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak worked together and prepared home based computers and started supplying it to the homes in order to get money and also because they technically “fell in love” with the electronics.

What was the next step? Smart devices? Yes, exactly! Now it was a time of smart devices to take over the world in order to bless this planet with new technology. Smart devices like smart phones are the first smart connected product. They used different wireless protocols for example Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G and etc. that can actively handle the software and workings quite affectively. These devices opened the gates of technological progress for us. Nowadays, the computers are going smaller and smaller and their functions are getting larger and complex. Computers are now connected with internet, thus performing infinite functions. That proves how, with the passage of time, we actually got that product that we needed from the very beginning, a product that could connect hardware with software to perform various functions.

Just like that, we are here with a product provides you the application development. Our company “Formschema” presents a product that has the physical network of the objects in which the sensors, software, network connectivity and the electronics are embedded; enabling the collection and the exchange of the data. This product lets you control the whole network of the infrastructure, remotely; that creates an autonomous connection between the technical world and the real world. This results into the improved accuracy and improved efficiency.