About us

HI! Welcome to Formschema

Glad you visited our web site! We are just a new firm that has just started in late of 2013, yet we already establish a good reputation in the field. We are offering a project that is called “Formschema”. This is about developing smart connected products. IT is becoming an integral part of the product itself. Embedded sensors, procesors, software, and connectivity in products (in effect, computers are being put inside products), coupled with a product cloud in which product data is stored and analyzed and some applications are run, are driving dramatic improvements in product functionality and performance.

We suggest you Product Cloud and we name it "Formschema"

Our startup just started out with five expert programmers but because of our product cloud platform “Formschema,” plenty of our customers are now enjoying the great rewards of technology, particularly for the investment return on their businesses, small to large-type ones. The device has the capacity to utilize other software services from our platform, like ERP, CRM, PLM, as a result, the device become integrated, enriched, and more powerful.

We are of what we build and we build revolutionizing products !

We believe that connected products are transforming competition. Smart, connected products offer exponentially expanding opportunities for new functionality, far greater reliability, much higher product utilisation, and capabilities that cut across and transcend traditional product boundaries. Since information technology is growing fast, we are able to combine electrical and mechanical parts, like hardware, data storage, sensors, and microprocessors, making a revolutionizing product.

If you want to experience the newest kind of technology available today, you can have us to be your provider. We are located in Lithuania, and our brand is resonating clearly in this area. We are looking forward to help you, and together let us build the foundation of your business towards its greater success!